The Funny Thing About the Truth

Confession. I really struggle with the concept of “the truth” and here is why.  Let’s say for example you have a situation. Chances are you’re not the only individual involved, which means all players are bringing their values, their opinions, their background and their experience to the situation. Naturally, their reflection of the truth is modified based on that. It’s also shaped by what they need the truth to be for them.


The other issue I have with “the truth” is sometimes in order tell your story you can’t give a full honest account because your story involves other people and is so entwined so how can you tell it without revealing theirs? And sharing their story without their consent just isn’t right.  Nobody has the right to tell someone’s story.

August 24, 2016. It’s a complicated story for me and it really was a catalyst for my Bipolar disorder. I only recently found out that what I’ve been battling the last year and a half was Bipolar disorder but August 24th was the spark.

To be fair, I’ve always had Bipolar disorder. When I look back at the series of life events it was definitely there, I and my family just didn’t know that’s what it was. Don’t fret, I’ll get into more detail with that later.

But here’s where I struggle.  I really want to share August 24. It explains so much of my why. But my truth, my story includes other people, and their truth, experience and why is likely very different from mine. Also, how can I share without exposing their story? I can’t really. All I can do is give the crafted/partial story that I’ve revealed to some individuals and to be honest, it doesn’t sit right.  I wish I stuck with my previous standard answer of “it’s complicated” then sharing a partial encounter. #Thestruggleisreal

I’m afraid the problem I have with how to share “the truth” really doesn’t have a solution.

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