Cleanup in Aisle 3 – Subtitled Manic in Costco

My pharmacy is Costco.  It’s good because the filling fees are cheap.  It’s bad because well Costco.

If you ever wanted to really know what Bipolar Mania feels like I urge you to really take it all in the next time you go to Costco. In a half hours time your impulses are challenged like never before.  “Why yes I need a 7l jar of green olives and a blow up raft with oars only 29.99. Do I need 250 AA batteries well that’s a silly question. Do I buy 1 24 pack of puma socks or 2?”

The lights are brighter than bright the sounds are intense.  Somebody is screaming, another is crying, carts are bumping into you like the last time you went to a dark and dodgy dance club. And to top it all off there’s food to sample.  For free.

I get to experience this magic a few times per month all for the low prescription filling fee of $2.00.

Jokes aside, when I’m in a manic place, Costco is a challenging place to be. It’s loud and extremely stimulating.  Nobody is happy, everyone is in a rush and not a single person can go anywhere quickly.  Once I did load up my cart with an inflatable raft, an area rug, a package of steaks, yoga pants, batteries and a 3 pack of raisin bread. I wandered around with my cart full of impulse purchases and with tears streaming down my face I put it all back away. Every.single.item.

It was a huge win.




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