When Life Flips Upside Down

Great read! I loved this part at the end This is the life we have been given and you’ve come this far. You either let it destroy you or you come out of it the strongest. The choice is yours, but why wouldn’t you want to see how much better life could be ?“

I didn’t choose the life I am living and I try not to get caught up in “it is not fair” because yes I am struggling but I am also learning and blossoming and I know I am going to come out so much better!

Defining Yellow

Life is always unpredictable. You go to sleep one night hoping that tomorrow will be a bright day but the next morning brings to your worst day. You think that days can only get so bad but then life shows you that it can get worse. You wonder constantly what you did to deserve this, and you never get any answers. You can only take so much until you feel like this feeling is all you have. Life is unfair. You can’t find anyone else to put the blame on. You cant even blame yourself most of the time. Things just happen.
What we CAN do, is try to remember a few things.  

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